The South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) aims to support and enable the rapid spread and adoption of proven innovations for the benefit of the patients and public across the South West. In order to achieve this, we believe there is a critical need to invest in the unique skills and capabilities of our health and social care system to confidently lead large-scale change across our complex systems. We are working with seven Spread Academy Fellows working to improve population health in the South West of England as part of this programme of work. 

The Billions Institute was founded by experienced change leaders Becky Margiotta and Joe McCannon who believe that when leaders use our approach, they will be well on their way to saving the world without losing themselves. Their aim is to ensure that your efforts to succeed work without you burning out because they want the best and brightest in the work for the long-haul. 

The SW AHSN has a long and proud tradition of developing the improvement and change expertise of the frontline, and it is in this tradition that we are excited to be working in partnership with the internationally recognised Billions Institute. Based on the well established Skid Row School for Large Scale Change started by Becky in 2015, we will be delivering our first programme in the UK in March. 

The Spread Academy aims to equip health and social care teams and leaders with the skills and confidence to lead large-scale change, whilst providing the space to build practical plans to achieve and sustain scale.

When it comes to large-scale change, we define success as orchestrating the loss of control of thousands of people you’ll probably never meet moving in generally the desired direction.

Becky Margiotta

co-founder, billions institute

From somewhere to everywhere is what scale means to us. When innovation is proven to make a difference to people’s lives, achieving scale makes it possible for many to experience the benefits and that is our aim. 

Jonathon Gray


Becky Margiotta, Joe McCannon, Selena Liu Raphael, Rupa Chilvers, William Lilley, and Samantha Strickland.

the billions institute and sw ahsn

Trainers and organising team for the Spread Academy

spread academy fellows and skid row school alumnis

Facilitators for the Spread Academy

Alistair Lockwood, Catherine Holmes, Frances Tippett, Helen Davies-Cox, Helen Smith, Jeremy Martin and Sarah Robens.


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